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Druid Outfits Quest

Druid Outfits Quest

Addon 1

Outfit Druid Male Addon 1 Outfit Druid Female Addon 1


- 50 Bear Paw
- 50 Wolf Paw


Entregue 50 Bear Paws e 50 Wolf Paws para o NPC Ustan.


  • Jogador: Hi.
  • Ustan: Crunor's blessing, traveller.
  • Jogador: Addon.
  • Ustan: Would you like to wear bear paws like I do? No problem, just bring me 50 bear paws and 50 wolf paws and I'll fit them on.
  • Jogador: Bear Paws.
  • Ustan: Have you brought 50 bear paws and 50 wolf paws?
  • Jogador: Yes.
  • Ustan: Excellent! Like promised, here are your bear paws.

Addon 2

Outfit Druid Male Addon 2 Outfit Druid Female Addon 2


- 100 Perfect Behemoth Fang

- 1 Damaged Steel Helmet (Também conhecido como Ramsay The Reckless lost Helmet.)
- 01 Flask of Warrior's Sweat (Troca por 4 Warrior Helmet no NPC Haroun)
- 01 Piece of Royal Steel (Troca por 1 Crown Armor no NPC A Sweaty Cyclops. )


Entregue 100 Perfect Behemoth Fangs para o NPC Gregor.

Peça missão para NPC Gregor para poder abrir a porta selada e obter o Ramsay The Reckless Lost Helmet (Damaged Steel Helmet).

Entregue 1 Ramsay The Reckless Lost Helmet, 1 Flask of Warrior's Sweat e 1 Piece of Royal Steel ao NPC Gregor e ele te mandará ao Sam em Tiquanda para adornar o capacete pra você. Porém é necessário aguardar 2 horas para que Sam adorne o capacete.


  • Jogador: Hi
  • Gregor: Greetings, Player. What do you want?
  • Jogador: Outfit
  • Gregor: Only the bravest warriors may wear adorned helmets. They are traditionally awarded after having completed a difficult task for our guild.
  • Jogador: Task
  • Gregor: You mean, you would like to prove that you deserve to wear such a helmet?
  • Jogador: Yes
  • Gregor: Well then, listen closely. First, you will have to prove that you are a fierce and restless warrior by bringing me 100 perfect behemoth fangs. ...
  • Gregor: Secondly, please retrieve a helmet for us which has been lost a long time ago. The famous Ramsay the Reckless wore it when exploring an ape settlement. ...
  • Gregor: Third, we need a new flask of warrior's sweat. We've run out of it recently, but we need a small amount for the show battles in our arena. ...
  • Gregor: Lastly, I will have our smith refine your helmet if you bring me royal steel, an especially noble metal. ...
  • Gregor: Did you understand everything I told you and are willing to handle this task?
  • Jogador: Yes
  • Gregor: Alright then. Come back to me once you have collected 100 perfect behemoth fangs.
  • Jogador: Behemoth fangs
  • Gregor: Have you really managed to fulfil the task and brought me 100 perfect behemoth fangs?
  • Jogador: Yes
  • Gregor: I'm deeply impressed, Player. (Even if you are not a knight, you certainly possess knight qualities.) Now, please retrieve Ramsay's helmet.
  • Jogador: Ramsay the Reckless Helmet
  • Gregor: Did you recover the helmet of Ramsay the Reckless?
  • Jogador: Yes
  • Gregor: Good work, (brave Knight) Player! Even though it is damaged, it has a lot of sentimental value. Now, please bring me warrior's sweat.
  • (caso tenho perdido o helmet.)
  • Gregor: You lost it? That's not good , but ... Hmmm, you really seem very honest. I think you found it indeed. Alright, just for once I'll consider this task done. Now, please bring me warrior's sweat.
  • Jogador: Warrior's sweat
  • Gregor: Were you able to get hold of a flask with pure warrior's sweat?
  • Jogador: Yes
  • Gregor: Now that is a pleasant surprise, (brave Knight) ! There is only one task left now: Obtain royal steel to have your helmet refined.
  • Jogador: Royal steel
  • Gregor: Ah, have you brought the royal steel?
  • Jogador: Yes
  • Gregor: You truly deserve to wear an adorned helmet, (brave Knight) Player. Please talk to Sam and tell him I sent you. I'm sure he will be glad to refine your helmet.


  • Jogador: Adorned helmet
  • Sam: Oh, Gregor sent you? I see. It will be my pleasure to adorn your helmet. Please give me some time to finish it. (Antes das 2 horas)
  • Jogador: Adorned helmet
  • Sam: Please have some patience, Player. Forging is hard work! (Após às 2 horas)
  • Jogador: Adorned helmet
  • Sam: Just in time, Player. Your helmet is finished, I hope you like it.
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